Let’s do it outside.

Breakfast, lunch, power naps. We are doing it all on our balcony. I know I am going on about it but after living in a flat without it for several years the outdoor space is a lift. The feeling of being in the air, floating, sneaking on people walking by down in the alley. IContinue reading “Let’s do it outside.”

Chicken tacos and a self made mess.

Weekend went too fast! Tomorrow back to the office working my way towards holiday. Autumn came early this year, 13 degrees on Thursday made me feel pretty good being busy with work instead of being pissed off about spending my vacay freezing. The plan is to work until Thursday then about 3-4 weeks off. BeingContinue reading “Chicken tacos and a self made mess.”

Universe. I hear you.

The universe had its’ say. It all turned out much more than ok. A heavy load lifted from my shoulder and in the same instant the sun came out warming us up. Feeling drained from a huge amount of stress the last week. But a few good sleeps and I will be as good asContinue reading “Universe. I hear you.”

Mood walk.

Sleep deprived and a tad weak on the diet regime I have taken on my day felt gloomy. Less productive than I had expected meaning meaningless stress over the todo list tomorrow. After a rainy outing to IKEA and a, by me, cancelled training session I came home disappointed. Some work related issues going onContinue reading “Mood walk.”


After a slow training week I sure kicked ass this morning in the gym. I took a Body Combat class and I reached my second highest pulse ever!!! Two beats away from my registered max pulse and maybe 10 beats away from a heart attack. It was a crazy close to death feeling mixed withContinue reading “Heartbeats.”

Monday I love you.

On the bus home from work with the funniest bus driver I’ve encountered. She is behind the wheel singing the score Flashdance loud as anyone could. And she does it well laughing loudly in between choruses! That and a new episode of GIRLS waiting for me at home makes this Monday brilliant. My best tv-buddiesContinue reading “Monday I love you.”

Blue sky and elbows.

A weekend of pause is coming to an end. With the help from having lovely chats and plenty of naps and a long walk under a Blue December sky I have decomposed a first week of boot camp. Friday’s class was the hardest and Romeo was angry for some reason and from Monday he willContinue reading “Blue sky and elbows.”

Keeping up.

Day two of xtremefit boot camp was leg day and 30 minutes into the class and a zillion of squats later I was ready spit Romeo on is well shaved thick neck. From behind obviously…so much harder today than yesterday. 2 done, 10 to go! I am stuck in my sofa this evening. I mightContinue reading “Keeping up.”