Last weekend I cashed in my birthday present from K and that included a weekend away in a lovely Copenhagen. A beautiful city, 30 minutes away across the bridge. We stayed in Hotel Alexandra, known for its’ well planned play with retro interior and rooms filled with exquisite furniture from giants like Arne Jacobsen andContinue reading “Danish.”

Typical Monday behaviour of a day.

My first day of Malmö-Stockholm commute was (is…actually writing to you straight from coach 3 south bound towards Malmö) was far from what I had looked forward to. I woke up at 2 am and after 20 mins twisting and turning I gave up and got up. Did some mindfulness and listened to the heavyContinue reading “Typical Monday behaviour of a day.”

Checkin’ in.

On a busy but very quick train on my way to Gothenburg to spend a weekend with K. The agenda is filled with fun, including dinner and wine tonight in an all vegetarian restaurant that Ks friend runs. It looks like a great spot of what I’ve seen online on http://www.folkteatern.se/servering. On Saturday we haveContinue reading “Checkin’ in.”

Circuit surprise.

Morning training is a must here as my days and evenings are packed with todos there will be no other time that fits. Yesterday I took a 45 min pw in the sunrise and some pilates in the room. Today I was in the hotel gym 6.45 to do some weights and running. Anne, aContinue reading “Circuit surprise.”

Stockholm blues.

I swapped sitting at home feeling sorry for myself this weekend to a weekend of discovering my hometown by foot. It seems walking has become one of my favourite weekend things to do. One foot in front of the other. Repeat. Ove the dog on the leash faithfully next to me. To him every newContinue reading “Stockholm blues.”

Summer summery pt 3: Fish

Ok, so my summer summaries won’t be as detailed as first hoped since the internet access keeps on failing me. Also I am now posting outside in the sun doing my job as “cleanclotheshangingouttodryneedtoberemovedforanoccasionalthunderstormthatmightbeapproaching”-guard. Fish. Skillinge. Österlen. Skåne. I spent 4 wonderful days with my parents in their friends’ cottage a skip and a hopContinue reading “Summer summery pt 3: Fish”

A Swedish midget called Jeff, a blonde wig and loads of moustaches! London baby!

I have then again landed in my sofa after four fabulous days in London. Well, in Chiswick, Kingston and Sunbury to be precise. I cannot believe it has been 8 years since I packed my ten moving boxes with belongings and left Chiswick to move up to Stockholm. I spent quite some catch up timeContinue reading “A Swedish midget called Jeff, a blonde wig and loads of moustaches! London baby!”