Let’s do it outside.

Breakfast, lunch, power naps. We are doing it all on our balcony. I know I am going on about it but after living in a flat without it for several years the outdoor space is a lift. The feeling of being in the air, floating, sneaking on people walking by down in the alley. I love it!

IMG_2081.JPG16 degrees is still warm enough for breakfast al fresco. Wooly blanket comes in handy.



IMG_2082.JPGDinner and rosé, celebrating le 14 Juillet with pink drops from Provence and flowers matching le salmon. Vive la France! Vive le salmon avec le squash linguini!

My thighs are burning from Sunday’s training session but there was still some go left after today’s class. Stiff and sweaty sat by the rowing machine and when Jay-Z’s On to the next one came on in my playlist I was rowing the shit out of the machine. Noisy and sweaty and a little bit mental. So worth it!

IMG_2098.JPGShameless selfie of a proud me who is doing it!

On to the next one and off to bed!

Ulrika/ who is longing for Saturday sooooo much but is pretty happy in this moment too.

Chicken tacos and a self made mess.

Weekend went too fast! Tomorrow back to the office working my way towards holiday. Autumn came early this year, 13 degrees on Thursday made me feel pretty good being busy with work instead of being pissed off about spending my vacay freezing. The plan is to work until Thursday then about 3-4 weeks off. Being my own now I pretty much have the liberty to do as I please.

Anyhow. Summer knocked on the door this weekend and I even had dinner on our balcony Saturday. Oh the balcony is now close to finished. The style is “back to the 70’s via Marrakech and back”. Will post images when all done.

Some things I’ve managed to do this weekend:


IMG_2023.JPGThese 3 lovelies spent Friday evening and night with us. Chicken tacos, quick step lessons and giggles until much later than allowed! Cannot wait until next time!

IMG_2026.JPGCoffee on the balcony and getting ready for gym Sunday morning. First hard training session for 3 weeks. I made myself proud!

IMG_2050.JPGI did this. On purpose.

IMG_2049.JPGI did that in order to do this. Happy!

IMG_2047.JPGI am lucky to live with a man who knows how to tie a knot properly.

Now falling asleep as my man watches the British version of the Antiques Road Show. Could not ask for a better way to finish this weekend.


Ulrika/ who also found the Satanic bible among her man’s literature collection but decided not to photograph it.

Nothing bugs me.

Mindful weekend away has given me a boost in many ways. We are back in Skillinge, in the cottage by the sea doing things we love. Sitting in the garden, sunbathing, morning dips, evening dips. long walks, cooking, and planning ahead. We visited our wedding spot and the lovely owners took us by storm. A perfect fit! Our heaven on earth. But that is then. Now is now.

I am on the beach. Sun warming my skin and I have just spent 12 minutes getting to know a little yellow bug crawling on my blanket. I am planning a dip in the sea and will then continue on working on not being bugged.

IMG_1999-1.JPGBeach bug.



IMG_1957.JPGSecret gardens and lovely spaces. Wedding theme kind of.

IMG_2001.JPGDog naps and cuddles.





IMG_1995.JPGComfy cosy. Summer of 2015 agrees with me.

IMG_1989.JPGBreakfast club with the best bunch.

Power weekend worked like magic. Thank you!

Ulrika/ keeping herself busy doing nothing and sorting out how to wear her new crotchless harem pants.

Universe. I hear you.

The universe had its’ say. It all turned out much more than ok. A heavy load lifted from my shoulder and in the same instant the sun came out warming us up. Feeling drained from a huge amount of stress the last week. But a few good sleeps and I will be as good as new! Helped myself a bit on the way with a massage and new high lights and then 1 hr pilates in the gym. Relaxed, happy and relieved.

IMG_1824.PNGTouched up in Salong Happiness.

IMG_1818.JPGFavourite fruit on my tee. Present from my favourite person.

When trying to be mindful I plan the look and feel of our balcony. Quite a few ideas running wild in my head but most of all I would like some nice plants and a little green house.






And when not thinking about plants and potential insects visiting there is the occasional thought about the dress. THE dress…



<a href="

Universe, thank you!

Ulrika/ who finally brought her own yoga mat to the pilates class. The breathing in part when being face down feels more pleasant that way.

Love wins.

What a week. Summer can wait! Work is too busy even thinking about having time off. Trying not to spend my weekend worrying about work related things but right now there is a lot of white noise playing loud in my head. But. Somewhere down the line it all will be fine and dandy. Need to stay cool as a cucumber in the meanwhile.

Great things in the life of Ulrika Collvin this week:

– My man moved down the last bits of his things yesterday! So from tonight we are officially full time living together. Wohoo!!

– Spending some quality time with my parents Saturday and Sunday as K has his chums that helped him move staying over. Quality time last night included seafood and wine and iPhone 6 tutorials.

– Thrilled to see The US Government legalising marriage for same-sex couples. Love won and all love is equal!

– Two little baby girls were born Friday. They look adorable and I am truly happy for my colleagues A and A who are the proud parents. Sweet miracles!

– Party! The Stockholm office summer party took place on a “new york-esque” roof terrace in the city centre. Boulebar with nibbles, pastis and boule tournament. It was so much fun I decided to skip the train to Malmö that evening and stay over at a colleague’s place. And me and my team mate won the entire thing…(almost, look at less great things listed). Our team name was Pierre á Resistance, hard to beat us! After the boule we moved on to Sakkura for Sushi and (not again) KARAOKE. It was such fun! Thank you Evoke Gaming and all good sports for relentless dancing and singing. By the way, my crutch ended up on the dance floor doing obscene things in the hands of others. I have it on film!

– Foot feels very close to fine! Have a supporting air cast and I will do some exercise next week. Light cycling, rowing and pilates in the gym! Well needed…

IMG_1701-0.JPGReady to summer party. All loved up. Difficult not to smile in heart shaped shades.

IMG_1736.JPGParty queen and arranging the whole event! Great job A!


IMG_1744.JPGLove wins, 1.

IMG_1752.PNGLove wins, 2. All love is equal.

IMG_1751.JPGTribe called quest. Perfect for the Swedish summer, my reversible long coat in blue and white.

The less great things in the life of Ulrika Collvin this week;

– Not so clean eating. In fact far from perfect the last two weeks. In combination with hardly any movement. Back up on the horse! Lifestyle changes include ups and downs.

– First we won the finale in pétanque. We had it. Until I fearlessly refused a coward’s throw and knocked our opponents to a win. I did the right thing but still, no medal…

– Flicked through my iPhone’s image gallery and was startled (in a bad way) to find revealing film clips of me howling like a crazy person No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”, without being more than fashionably tipsy. And who was filming??? My new mantra is “Don’t sing”…at least not out loud, in front of others.

– Taxes problematics and estimates with my own business. I have an accountant, Janne, that I speak to on a daily basis. He is comforting, bright and didactical (deductible) and calm as a cucumber. We will get it right…any day now.

Time for coffee, shower and air cast! Then off to visit my brother and his gang.

Toodeloo loveys!

Ulrika/ who is feeling more than less great. Which all in all is great.

Busy bride to be.

Been busy lately! Busy with life, love, work and finding my pace. Next weekend the last part of our big move is taking place when Ks last pieces will be moved in and he is officially moved out from his other flat.

Today we have celebrated Midsummer’s Eve and my parents came over and we had a lovely, relaxed day with the traditional delicacies. Herring, new potatoes, sour cream, chives. And for dessert: massive amounts of strawberries.

Tomorrow we’ll embark a new territory. The land of wedding planning! We have our vision and it is time to look at the practical matters and make REAL plans. My head is buzzing with ideas. It will be a very small and intimate affair. Around 30 – 40 guests but it should be a couple of days filled with love, joy and great fun. No church, no minister. A whole lot of beach and great music, lovely clothes. Hopefully sunshine and warm weather! Not taking place until next summer but to get what we want long term planning is key.


IMG_1648.JPGSwedish midsummer deliciousness.


IMG_1647.JPGFamily photo and rosé chill in our new sofa!

Bedtime now buddies! Thanks for stopping by!

Ulrika/ who is walking on crutches at the moment. Clumsy fall on a train. But only sprained and torn not broken.


Damn I am tired of the bitter sweet! My K just left again back to work for the week and my heart broke badly this time while kissing good bye. The weekend was perfect and in tune. We had decided not to do anything major. No mega practical matters. Nothing super social. Just chilling, hanging, enjoying each other’s company and being outside a lot. And we stuck to our plan. Had coffees with K’s friend and my folks outside our house on the green on Saturday. Watched the glorious Måns Zelmerlöw win the ESC making us a very proud nation in the evening.

Today we got the chance to taste summer on a little outing with mamma and pappa. We drove to the quaint Skanör and wanted nothing more than to get into the big blue. Only 13 degrees celsius in the water but it looked and smelled like summer. The white sand smooth like velvet and colour of the ocean looked like the Med. So double longing! For K and the summer of 2015!



IMG_1098.JPGBeach is calling my name!


IMG_1095.JPGThe best!

IMG_1008.JPGOve the dog digs.

IMG_1083.JPGParents, daughter and son-in-law groupie in Skanör.


IMG_1020.JPGLong walks with my furry friend makes waiting a little less longer. On the 28th of June waiting is over. No more long distance love. Starting the countdown!

Talking about walks! Am off to chase the sun…never get tired of it.

Thanks for following, reading and looking!

Ulrika/ who did a foot peel thing yesterday and is waiting for dead skin to start coming off in the next week or so realising that the hoover is at K’s. Socks on!

I wanna!

Summer is soon here. It is still too cold here in Sweden for thin, summery clothes but some of my favourite shops are out with an array of gorgeous items. A few of the things I would love to be spotted in are;

IMG_1055.PNGA jumpsuit from Marimekko. I would drop the black sandals and instead match them with…

IMG_1049.PNG…these yellow leather flats…or…

IMG_1052.PNG…these gorgeous, half open brogues, or…

IMG_1053.PNG…these wonderful light beige platforms! All shoes above from andotherstories.

You will definitely see me in the styles from monki below;

IMG_1037.PNGGot the skirt, need the shirt!

Looks great with a tan!

IMG_1038.PNGLast year’s kimono trend lingers. And I love it. Now paired with slip ins for a super casual vibe.

IMG_1036.PNGKaftan dress, cool shades and beach hair. Monki, Iove it!


A delicious clutch!

From &otherstories come the below gorgeousness:







All I need now is summer and a good budget…


Dreaming of summer and summer cool.

See you in the shops! Style monkeys everywhere!

Ulrika/ who is in desperate need of a self tanning lotion. Legs are closer to the shade of corpse than anywhere even close to honey glowing olive skin.

Rainbow food.

I spent what was left on my salary on glorious food for this weekend. Went all in and chose clean, organic stuff to fill up the fridge and freezer with. I will try and keep these better choices alive and buy locally as much as possible. I am loving to cook and experimenting with healthy fresh food gives so much pleasure. Since being rather strict with my intake right now I am skipping gluten, refined sugars, grain and keeping dairy to a minimum. I am not thinking so much of what I am missing out on as focusing on all the gorgeous things I can enjoy. Here are the weeekend’s cook ups. Recipies, by me:

IMG_1019.JPGCooked K a Friday fritatta maxed with mozarella, bacon and tomatoes.

IMG_1031.JPGPig on a plate with feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes and oven grilled veg en masse.


IMG_1097.JPGPink prawn platter with spicy mango salsa and sugar free white peach bubbly.(staying away from alcohol for a while as well).

IMG_1028.JPGMy helpful sous chef is relieved the three week fast is over. Guarding the kitchen (and potential crumbs) like a dog.

IMG_1021.JPGSometimes a fridge make over can be necessary for that extra motivation to cook and eat healthy and clean. Works for me right now.

Sweet potatoes coming up!

Ulrika/ who should be writing the recipes down for future reference.

Flying goldfish.

I am so tired. In fact on the verge of nodding off if it wasn’t for the sore muscles aching like never before. Each mm of movement makes my face go like aaarrwwaahghggg (not selfie like material). And I stand up peeing being too afraid to sit down and not coming up again. But….all good pain and I kept my promise to myself and did spinning at noon. The instructor was an American guy who could not stop talking. He took the class on a mental journey around his old hometown in PA (Pennsylvania?), we went passed his middle school, through the town way up in the mountains. First I was like, quiet!!! But, towards mid class of pedalling my thick aching body I felt uplifted by his narration. Then he went on about being a goldfish stuck in a crowded bowl with other goldfish. Or to be a goldfish that flies over to another bowl choosing the scary, unknown filled with fears and opportunities. I speeded up my game, turned the wheel up a notch and kicked all the other goldfish’ butts (?)! Oh, I am looking forward to his next class!

IMG_0961.PNGThere will be over sharing.

IMG_0960.JPGQueen E in a perfect size. K got back from London today and brought me her to the wall of star(e)s. Love her!

IMG_0958.JPGWest coast is best coast when it comes to raining! I am grateful for my coat from RAINS. Using it a lot, morning, noon, evening. And counting the steps!

Tomorrow is looking busy but fun and I have a coach session follow up with my health coach Matilda 4 weeks on the program. Fingers crossed!

I would waved good bye but I cannot move. Queen E will be doing the waving.

Good night love monkeys!

Ulrika/ who will sleep with the bird lamp lit in the window as she is keeping moving to a minimum now once in bed.