CSI-coloured toe nails.

I made it! A few hours left of this Sunday and I am reflecting over the week that passed. I am more at ease this Sunday evening than last week’s. Tomorrow is the first day of my LCHF-strict period and I am looking forward to it. I am prepared and ready and very positive. I will focus on lots of eggs, cheese, fish and chicken because too much red meat makes me a little nauseous at times. I have taken the before photos of myself, back, front and side. They will not be published anywhere before there are after shots to present. A before without an after defeats the purpose.


ImageI gave myself a pedicure, all good, but the colour of the varnish is close to postmortem nails in CSI. With a tan the colour will come out better…Walked around in my new sandals from London, a tiny bit big for my skinny feet, but with a bit of summer swelling they will fit perfectly.


I gave Ove the dog a spring look! You might not see a big difference but it is close to naked.


Tomorrow is Monday and that means cycling my 24 k to and from the office, Zumba class during lunch and fun at work. Planning a fun event to Malta will take up most of my day and I need to sit down with budgets. I will be up with the sun cooking for my day so now, good night and sweet dreams y’all! Ove the dog is allready snoring next to me and life is good.


Four weeks away from paradise!

Good morning Sunday! Today is a day far from resting. A zillion things to do on my todolist and the sun is out so checking off must go quicker than quick.

Just in case I won’t have time to post anything later on today you will surely understand why (when writing this some of the things have allready been taken care of):

  • PW with Ove the dog (check)
  • Breakfast in front of the TVmorning news (check)
  • Some work things to prepare for the week. (halfway there)
  • Pedicure
  • Laundry
  • Preparing my mamma’s visit next week. Abba the Museum, restaurants, shopping unt so weither.
  • Winter jackets and shoes off to storage.
  • Being a dog hairdresser. Cutting Ove the dog’s fur down a bit.
  • A bit of Sunday cleaning.
  • Spinning in World Class Nacka with one of my favourite instructors, Amanda Eade.
  • Cleaning the fridge making it all LCHF-friendly.
  • Food shopping



Picking up one tired Ove the dog. Time for a PW in Saltsjö Duvnäs.

And yes – I just realized it is exactly 4 weeks to go before my 10 day holiday in Antibes starts. Cannot wait! Spending time in the sun with mamma and pappa and celebrating pappa’s 60th birthday. Vineyards and markets to visit, paddling standing up to be tried, swimming to do, Picassos to be inspired by, and a future impressive tan to take care of. Not to mention the croissants I will NOT eat. Hurry up allready!


Bonjour Antibes! See you soon.


This will be a present to myself. A crash course in standing up paddling. Perfect core work out and working on the tan at the same time.


Café cremes will be enjoyed without pasteries and that is a promise.


La mer, la mer, la mer! Give it to me.

Ready, steady, go – have a fab Sunday y’all!


Brain sweat and a quick get to know me catch up!

It took me a good 4 hours fiddling around here in the world of Word Press. The result is a light shade of diarrhea yellow background colour, humongous header photo and a real nice font that is hardly visible to a good eye. Not to mention the gravatar thingie on the right hand side wehre an avatar of myself should be showing. I only see a purple and white  box. Do you? But, I am here. Ulrika aka the Todoortodontist aka Meatbucket. I am in my sofa sweating away from all of this blog focus trying to figure out a beautiful first post to honour this Todoordont’s page with. I was before on blogger, then writing in Swedish and very much in love.

I decided to attempt blogging in English hoping to reach out to some of my anglolingospeaking friends out there. I know I have at least two, for sure.

So a brief update since my last post in June 2012:

– had a big bump in my relationship with my partner in the end of August. Brutal honesty took place and we re-evaluated our love and our plans ahead. Decided to work on things and stay together.

– spent a fantastic holiday in Rhodes, Greece

– started to train in the gym with a  personal trainer, Fanny Åström in World Class Vasastan. She has tought me that strong is the new skinny and how to work them muscles until I am close to pooping myself.

– lost 8 kilos pretty fast.

– was dumped in January and separated in March. It was not unexpected and it was a peaceful separation. However, still a fucking heart ache that I am being all cool about but inside it stings like the world’s biggest bee.

– gained 5 kilos.

– worked a lot as Brand Manager for Bonnier Gaming, bertil.com. Still doing that and still loving it.

– did a Nike Blast in February. Two days of full on training with Nike. Burned about 2700 calories per day, 6 hrs hard work out and hysterically fun.

– struggled with my eating disorder more than I have done in years. Fuck sugar – I hate you so much right now.

– went to London and had lots of alcohol, shopped a great deal and hugged old friends.

– spent most of my saved money on fixing my apartment, buying expensive interior design and I am in love with it now.  Poor but in love.

– going through my therapy literature and decided to kick sugar all together for a while with the LCHF-diet. I have joined LCHFklubben.se and bought the book “Dags att bli smal” by Katrin Zytomierska, a highly hated and loved woman that has done a super succesful journey with LCHF both regarding weight loss but also business. Her blog, in Swedish is here.



Ulrika Collvin working it at the Nike Blast 2013, Ericsson Globe, Stockholm

jobbaUlrika Collvin thinking, at work.

bubbelUlrika Collvin drinking on New Year’s Eve. Malmö, Sweden at parents’ house.

So there you go, a bit of a low down. On Monday, 13th May 2013, my LCHF-life starts and I will partly dedicate this blog to that journey. Failure or success. Just like before you will be getting true, almost naked glimpses of my pretty normal, not overly fascinating life. In a broken English with a touch of Ulrika Collvin.

I leave you with the the song I still dream of having played on my imaginary wedding with the imaginary husband to be. And yes, I will cry a little now just thinking about that. And this is the last weekend for a long while where comfort eating in the shape of chocolate will take place.

Thank you for reading and ta ta for now!