Chicks and pool side fan clubs.

After a bit of a sad start of the Friday with Ove the dog being under the weather again I am now happy and at ease on this very windy Sunday evening. I have completed 3 weeks of strict soup regime turning my habits upside down. I just got home from my “home gym” which is 2 mins walk from our flat. Oh it is lush! I particularly loved the heated tiles in the changing rooms. The gym is airy and fresh and the instructor of the Body pump class tonight was really great. I am jelly now and tomorrow will be an achy one. I am feeling a boost and getting all happy training again. To be honest I have been lacking motivation, drive and confidence the last 10 months and it is tough getting that good vibe back. But it is on its’ way! I can feel it! Getting back to feeling good about getting out of my comfort zone.


When all else fails: accessories, accessories, acessories. Getting healthy with Vivienne Westwood ain’t bad!


When legs are jelly after training we sing (Bon Jovi “Bed of roses”): “I just wanna join my bag on a tiled floor with heating”. And roll around. Sats Västra Hamnen, you rock.

Most of the weekend was spent with my parents and nieces and nephew. Saturday outing to an organic, family run farm 30 min car drive away. Hens and roosters strolling around in the free, little rabbits to play with for the kids, sheep and lambs to feed, a few lamas and super cute parrots. All in one place! And what a great place! The kids were ecstatic. A more energetic Ove the dog pretended to be a boarder collie chasing the chickens (in a leash so no chicks were harmed) . Visit Sularps Farm if you are in the neighbourhood!

IMG_0877.JPGGuess if E wants one of her own?

IMG_0878.JPGAmong birds. Not 100% relaxed but working on it.




IMG_0876.JPGThere are goodies and then there are goodies.

Sunday was spent prepping M for her swim competition as her parents are away on holiday in New York I had promised to document the Esther Williams to be. She is a champ and cool as a cucumber all through it all. She won her two heats and she and her proud fan club celebrated with ice cream and fresh fruit attack at ours after (coffee in my case).




M visualises her goal and listens to the coach. It worked!

Feeling strong and ready for a new week! Now, Mad Men! Oh, and Ove the dog is on the mend and getting back to normal. My fluff love has got 2 very sensitive paws, mouth and asshole, To be quite specific.

Todeloo all you sparks!

Ulrika/ who recently started to think about how to celebrate the big four o coming up in August. There must be tabbouleh and humus for sure. And champagne…

Weekend of fabrics.

This weekend was spent at K’s place which he will be leaving behind as he move into our place in Malmö. It is located not too far from Gothenburg in an area of Sweden well known for its’ textile industry. Saturday was spent visiting the oulets of Kasthall, Ekelunds, Pelle Vävare and we got some nice things of high quality and low prices. The Kasthall rugs are splendid and I am thrilled about the Little My blanket I bought to Ove the dog. Organic cotton and eco friendly bamboo material will tickle his fancy.

We took some great nature walks in the forest nearby up in the “mountains”. Good training and the atmosphere was fairy tale like. Or like the Hunger Games forests.

IMG_0792.JPGBedroom rug to a bargain price from Kasthall – the apple green is key here. Much else in the room shall be white and splashes of green.

IMG_0791.JPGRug for our entrance from Kasthall.

IMG_0793.JPGPerfect blanket for Ove the dog and his mama!


IMG_0829.JPGKatniss, where are you? Million’s of trees and a K.

In a few days it has been 3 months since he popped the question and it feels as 3 yrs or 3 days at the same time. I still stop and wonder how I can be so lucky and I savour each second.


<a href="”>IMG_0753.JPGFor forever. ❤️

IMG_0782.JPGPanda pressie from K that will match my skirt with badminton players in the print smashingly.

Off to catch the train back home to Malmö getting ready for week number 3 of the lifestyle change plan, heavy work load and hopefully looooots of sunshine. And even though I hate leaving K after the weekend it feels pretty ok this time around as soon the long-distance thing will be over.

Worth repeating peeps: good things come for those who wait.


Ulrika/ who is seeing the sky clearing up as she approaches the coast.


Mood walk.

Sleep deprived and a tad weak on the diet regime I have taken on my day felt gloomy. Less productive than I had expected meaning meaningless stress over the todo list tomorrow.

After a rainy outing to IKEA and a, by me, cancelled training session I came home disappointed. Some work related issues going on inside of me and I decided to kick it in the butt. Got into my Kermit green wind stopper, plugged my yellow headset into my ears and on with the bright orange trainers. And by then the sky was less grey and the rain had stopped. Swish, off I went with Ove the dog next to me and a laughing out loud pod in my ears.

As the strong but rather warm wind filled me up with energy my steps got quicker and longer. 75 mins later I was home, less gloomy and looking forward to a new day with new challenges. One step at a time. Sometimes all it takes is a good walk with the wind in your face.


Dramatic sky soothes a dramatic mind.

Now, shower, dust in a bag dinner, and SLEEP. Toodeloo!

Ulrika/ who has registered her own company’s name today. My own Baws-ish!

Typical Monday behaviour of a day.

My first day of Malmö-Stockholm commute was (is…actually writing to you straight from coach 3 south bound towards Malmö) was far from
what I had looked forward to. I woke up at 2 am and after 20
mins twisting and turning I gave up and got up. Did some mindfulness and listened to the heavy rain pooring down outside. At 5 am I took the empty bus looking forward to catch an hour or so sleep in the quiet coach on the train. Did not happen! And working on the train did not happen due to internet problems (aka Småland). Arrived in Stockholm on time when I realised I was 45 mins late to a meeting I initiated myself. Managed to postpone and luckily the bus from the station stopping close to the office came straight away. Unfortunately the bus driver forgot what bus he was driving and took a wrong turn which made my delay even more delayed. Anyhow, got to the office. Felt jet lagged and zombie like but still managed most of what I had planned. Now I am in an empty coach wondering if I am smelly or something? Or was it the selfies!

IMG_0690.JPGThank you!






I think I will try to nap my way to Malmö. Tomorrow I will work from the home office again. Meaning more sleep and instead of 9 hrs commute on a train it will be 3 second skip from my bed.

Smell ya’ll later!

Ulrika/ who is without make up and sense today.

51 hours of creating a home for two.

I am on our bed reflecting over the weekend that is coming to an end. It has been the most intensive two days I ever experienced but I feel so happy and pleased the effort we put in to make our home our place, our sanctuary. After “months” of planning and visualising what it would be like we are now much further ahead than we could ever dream of. We have more things to sort but we are well on our way. My mind is creating stuff as quickly as Ks hands are the handy ones drilling and realising the practical solutions we need to fit in this small space. Here are some glimpses of what has been done so far.






IMG_0659.JPGSome before shots of our 1 bedroom flat.






IMG_0672.JPGOur three-in-one-room. The space for dining, socialising and entertainment. On the big white wall by the dining table will be the art wall. My next project! Sofa is coming. Orange!






IMG_0678.JPGKitchen! And our first sit down in this flat with my parents and a big load of ice cream. I am in love with the huge yellow spot lights K found in a vintage shop.

IMG_0662.JPGBalcony as for now. Soon there will be a grey wooden floor and some furniture will be added. And plants, lots of little plants.



IMG_0679.JPGSurf, sleep and say hello to our wall of star(e)s. Life collections and personal favourites of his and mine. Little My dances with a gang of robots. Heavy metal stars babbling with Frida Kahlo and Majakovskij as a bunch of lego star wars and glass birds play cards in the background. Welcome to our place! ❤️



Bathroom – lemony fresh.

Tired, happy and at home. K, you are magic! And big thanks to family and friends for all your help and support (and dog watching). Dinner and party is coming.

Ulrika/ who has set the alarm for 4am. Early bird when commuting Malmö-Stockholm. The prize I pay for living in our little place called paradise.

This panda is pooped. But happy.

I’m on my way on a quiet train. Riding first class, the quiet coach, which is lush and even more so when almost to the same price as economy when I booked. The guy across the aisle just finished his gigantic sushi and it smells of salmon and wasabi. Not the most train friendly food. My head is spinning and I am restless after a speeded weekend that included loading my home on a u-haul, doing a musical event with clients and then cleaning out my flat. I have now left my Stockholm home and am excited to set foot on Malmö soil.

I am sweaty. Knackered. Head is achy. Hands and fingers are bruised from all the scrubbing of the floors. I am so so happy though. Soon I will chill with Ove the dog (haven’t seen him for three weeks!). Having tomorrow off to start unpacking in our new place. And I am doing a new health routine thing starting tomorrow. Together with my dad. When results are showing I promise to tell you all about it. And later in the week my K is coming with part I of his stuff. A home is to be created and I am feeling very creative!

This move is one of the biggest things I’ve done in my life. It is sensational and awesome and scary at the same time. I am thanking my K and his bff T for the exquisite help of man labour and the tetris like arrangement of fitting all my stuff in that u-haul. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



IMG_0497.JPGA sturdy breakfast before lifting! If the strong coffee didn’t wake us then Ts tweety yellow tee sure did.



IMG_0513-1.JPGThe lovely Evelina from the Malta office did a great job with the event. We had a blast and I am safe to say that our guests were pleased!

Now nap time! Me and cute ass panda avatar say bye for now!



Ulrika/……. Blank……

Stockholm, you’ve been good to me.

In short. I am so ready for the move. Things are packed and ready to go to the south on Saturday. I have done some of the big cleaning bits and I really cannot wait until I am on the 5 o’clock train on Sunday.

Exciting times ahead and when things have settled and we are at home and routines are set I promise to write more and update you on my “new” life by the sea. One step at a time. After exactly, almost, 10 years in Stockholm I am looking forward to Malmö. Lifestyle change and new visions. Living with my love, by the sea, a step away from family. However, all bitter sweet.

In Stockholm I am leaving parts of my heart in the hands of a few special people. I promise to do my outmost to keep in touch and I will be up now and again for work so it is more “see you soon” than “good bye”. I will miss the Stockholm buzz just as much as I hate it. The colours of the houses of Norr Mälarstrand and the powerful reflection in the water. The fashion and style. The smoothies in Blueberry (maybe a business idea for Malmö). NK! The mix. The tourists.

Then, on the other hand. Stockholm won’t disappear. But it is the place where I’ve lived the longest in life so for me it is “home”. 10 years of hard work, a lot of play, many loves found and lost, friends I have and that I adore and cherish. There’s been sickness and health. Sorrow and happiness. I lived in 8 different flats like a nomad, during my 10 yrs here. I’ve rooted myself. I’ve unrooted myself.

I have been so lucky. And still it feels as if the best is yet to come. New joys, new sorrows, new friends and old to meet again. Family life in a new way. More hard work though from home. Many things to learn. New styles to discover. New juice bars to try. Going more green. More nature. More swims. And lots more love. With my love. And Ove the dog of course.

Stockholm. A BFF of city.


When in Malmö, pop by for a smoothie or coffee why don’t you?! Good bye and welcome, see you soon!

Ulrika/ who is chewing her lower lip crying in secret while trying not to think about all the people she will miss.

Soul magic.

Thank you K for taking me to see Seinabo Sey live in concert. It was pure magic. She is a queen. Young, beautiful, strong and powerful and sweet all rolled up into one. I loved the light work on the stage. And her voice is brutal. We were all blown away by the lady in red.

K, I love you. ❤️



Colours captured by an iPhone5 trapped in a panda case.

Short but sweet.

Ulrika/ who has decided that the never ending cold has to with the fact that she is without a doubt allergic to something in the office. It gets worse everyday in there.

G as in gangsta.

Well, a gangsta’ of love has just spent Wednesday- Sunday visiting me. My 4 yr old nephew came along with my mamma and it’s been 4 whole days filled with noise, fun, the weirdest questions and activities suitable for kids and aunties. My head is buzzing and heart is throbbing waving my mum and little G off. But this time it is different. In a week I will be living in Malmö and instead of 5 hrs on the train it will be a breeze meeting up. It won’t be months between play dates.



IMG_0456.JPGHe is only 4 but masters the roles as Batman and police officer without remarks.

IMG_0250-1.JPGIn Sweden we have something called “fika”, in English: coffee and cake.


IMG_0249-1.JPGThe bigger the buns the better the fika! Café Saturnus on Eriksbergsgatan knows what I am talking about.




IMG_0253.JPGSo many firsts for G! Cherry blossoms in Kungsan. Travelling on the tube. Climbing a mountain while waiting on the bus (repeated daily). Seeing big ass big (his favourite adverb of the week) screen on Stureplan where his favourite TV-character appears.




IMG_0314.JPGNo Stockholm visit is complete for a little one if not visiting Junibacken and the magic of fairy tale. Pancakes, Pippi, Moomin and balloons left us buzzing. Before bedtime we had long chats about dragons and Little My. But the best part was the gift shop where we found baby panda who is now part of G’s tribe. And the pirate tattoos – both for G and me.








IMG_0367.JPGOn Saturday K joined us for a day out on Skansen. We enjoyed bears (according to G, bears are like horses but with shorter tails and boring.), wolves, crocodiles, snakes, Nemo fish, Dory fish, shit loads of King Julians. I was a brave auntie and I stroke a python and a big hairy spider in the zoo (in the dedicated area where one can do those things, not randomly stroking the zoo animals). I did impress G for about 3 seconds and then we came out in the gift shop and somehow he finds rubber dinosaurs and stuffed monkeys much more interesting.

I am now wrapping up this Sunday evening and feeling the bliss of my own quiet space (not being that used to kids) but also the bliss of family. I have no children of my own and turning 40 this year my potential chances are running out for certain. Me and K are aware of the fact that there might not be children between the two of us. To be honest I never “craved” that. I am blessed with nieces and nephews and friends’ children. I love being the auntie. When my brother said on the phone sarcastically if I was spoiling G too much I said “Of course I am! He likes being spoiled!”. As an auntie I have the prerogative to spoil, love bomb and stretch the rules with the little ones. Just now and again and again and again and again….

Can there ever be too much love?

Tada for now!

Ulrika/ who is one week away from the move! Things are packed. Cupboards are polished. Bring it on!

Fur legged therapy.

Today the entire office was in awe meeting the cutie Rufs. A 7 yr-old Malteser with a personality that had us all melting. I am sure Ove the dog would have been jealous had he been there.

Spending time with or around animals is soothing and healing in more ways than many other things. Little Rufs contributed to extra many smiles at work this very sunny Wednesday.


IMG_9662.JPGCute as cotton!


After seeing the you tube clip on the Pandas going down the slide I have developed a Panda mania. I never seen one in real life and I’ve been told they smell garbage. But that would easily be over looked. Until that day I have my rubber, smell free Panda phone case to keep me happy!

IMG_9721.JPG“Did I hear Panda?”

So. Go pet something furry and give me a smile!

Lots of love and high fives from

Ulrika/ who is in love with her new hand shaped earrings from monki.