January love.

We have our routines. Both K and myself are early birds and even on days off from work we get up around 7 am. Coffees, and stuff and then 1 hr walk to freshen up the brain and body. Then back home for a big and colourful breakfast. And welfies! Tons of welfies! And forContinue reading “January love.”

Sunday socks on.

Most relaxed Sunday for some time. Long forest walk, reading, planning, manicuring, cooking, chatting, snoozing, dog cuddling and all of the above in my pug socks. Charged up and ready to go. A busy time ahead and I am feeling decently prepared. I am whispering it… “Bring it on.” and feeling the strength from theContinue reading “Sunday socks on.”

OMG became WTF

Ok, please no “I told you sos”. It was too soon, it went too fast, it was too good to be true. The feel good moments I had the other weekend turned into a relief that they will not happen again with that person. The flowers I got still stand beatitful and strong on myContinue reading “OMG became WTF”

Books, OMG-moments and back flips.

Routines are coming back and I am now back home in Nacka planning for my week of lots of work, healthy eating and training. I am determined to start running again, slowly but surely, indoors in the gym before spring comes. My mamma is finally back home from the hospital and she is doing great!Continue reading “Books, OMG-moments and back flips.”

Bargain bitch has struck again.

I might have mentioned that one of my qualities that I was blessed (or cursed) with is my sixth sense of sniffing up a good fashion  bargain. And I have done it again! Spending a 1,5 hours in Malmö City I got myself a new jacket, a Dagmar dress I have been longing for sinceContinue reading “Bargain bitch has struck again.”

Time to catch the love bug.

I am back and I am feeling up and pretty jolly. Health wise much more stabile and super close to pain free – wohooo! Training is going much better and today my body is aching after yesterday’s pt session with fantastic Fanny at World Class. I am still much weaker than I have been butContinue reading “Time to catch the love bug.”

Miss you.

My life companion, Ove the dog, is away until Friday with his lovely extra family up in the Swedish “moutains” for a lush autumn break. He is being spoiled rotten with gorgeous forest walks, kids’ cuddling and playing with him and probably feeding him lots of goodies. He is a great dog and he hasContinue reading “Miss you.”

7 (+2) ways to beat sudden sadness

1. Meet new people, make new friends and hold hands. 2. Look at cute pets. If you don’t have your own, google it. 3. Wear clothes that make you feel gorgeous. Preferably with some colour. 4. Cook and eat well. 5. Dance and smile while doing it. 6. You know the pets I mentioned. CuddleContinue reading “7 (+2) ways to beat sudden sadness”

Painfully beautiful.

Still in pain from my myoma infection but things are better and doctor tells me not to worry. So I won’t! Mentally I am feeling much stronger again. I have been filling my days with positive, strengthening vibes. Meeting friends and enjoying nature and a little bit of training (can’t do it too hard dueContinue reading “Painfully beautiful.”

Got drunk and had bread.

The weekend came and went as a breeze. Well It was a good one, hot and sunny and I got drunk with my BFF. Yes on day 27 the todoortodontist did it and had wine and pimm’s! Not at all according to whole30. That means 2 days extra on the program to make up forContinue reading “Got drunk and had bread.”