As long as there is cream, there is hope.

So the day is here. Leaving my 30’s behind entering the big four ooooo. And I am a lucky 40 year old individual being celebrated by my dear and near ones. We started all ready on Friday hanging out with nephew and nieces doing fun stuff in the sun! Beautiful day in the sun withContinue reading “As long as there is cream, there is hope.”

Birthday in bed.

This was the most quiet birthday I ever experienced. It was spent in pjs under the covers sweating a nasty fever out. A part from 3 small dog walks I did not move. I am feeling better this evening but will be spending my weekend in peace and quiet and planning for work on Monday.Continue reading “Birthday in bed.”

Thank you for the music!

Two weeks of blog absence and total silence is due to travelling and lack of internet at home. I spent last week in Skåne meeting my fine family and some very good old friends. The weather was so and so but the last day was spent on the beach and many dips were taken inContinue reading “Thank you for the music!”

A Swedish midget called Jeff, a blonde wig and loads of moustaches! London baby!

I have then again landed in my sofa after four fabulous days in London. Well, in Chiswick, Kingston and Sunbury to be precise. I cannot believe it has been 8 years since I packed my ten moving boxes with belongings and left Chiswick to move up to Stockholm. I spent quite some catch up timeContinue reading “A Swedish midget called Jeff, a blonde wig and loads of moustaches! London baby!”