Chicken tacos and a self made mess.

Weekend went too fast! Tomorrow back to the office working my way towards holiday. Autumn came early this year, 13 degrees on Thursday made me feel pretty good being busy with work instead of being pissed off about spending my vacay freezing. The plan is to work until Thursday then about 3-4 weeks off. BeingContinue reading “Chicken tacos and a self made mess.”

51 hours of creating a home for two.

I am on our bed reflecting over the weekend that is coming to an end. It has been the most intensive two days I ever experienced but I feel so happy and pleased the effort we put in to make our home our place, our sanctuary. After “months” of planning and visualising what it wouldContinue reading “51 hours of creating a home for two.”


Oh joy! Today I picked up my own copy of Lena Dunham’s book Not That Kind Of a Girl. I ate my dinner less mindful staring at it lying next to me on the table. Thank you Lena Dunham for making the wait for season 4 of GIRLS less dull! HAPPY! All ready tucked in.Continue reading “HAPPY KIND OF A GIRL.”

Books, OMG-moments and back flips.

Routines are coming back and I am now back home in Nacka planning for my week of lots of work, healthy eating and training. I am determined to start running again, slowly but surely, indoors in the gym before spring comes. My mamma is finally back home from the hospital and she is doing great!Continue reading “Books, OMG-moments and back flips.”

Stuff that mean things. My home is now your home – welcome!

Since I was about 3 years old I have been a sucker for colour, beautiful things and creativity. I have had colour phases of pink, red, green and yellow and blue. I loved fixing my own clothing arrangements, to my parents’ dismay, arrangeing my room and fixing and fiddleing by my desk. I stlll rememberContinue reading “Stuff that mean things. My home is now your home – welcome!”

Strike over and out.

So my holiday plans are a tiny bit on hold due to air control strikes across Europe. All flights to Nice were cancelled and a bunch of depressed travellers had to go through the welcome terminal back in Sweden again. Luckily my travel agent did all the job for me getting me on boardContinue reading “Strike over and out.”