Weekend detoxing – no thinking, just doing.

OK! Soon finishing this Saturday, day number 6 of my Whole30 paleo challenge. And, detoxing on weekends is so much harder than in weekdays. But I am not complaining. I have been a dedicated detoxer focusing and not walking any tightropes and falling down in any sugar swamps or dairy oceans. The rain has beenContinue reading “Weekend detoxing – no thinking, just doing.”

Foodiary Whole30 day 1.

Allright here is day 1’s foodiary in my way of eating Paleo strict for 30 days. Good and no complaints. A little hungry though still and too tired to think. Tonight I want 4 hours deep sleep at least! For breakfast; boiled eggs and 1/2 grape fruit. For lunch; a crunchy salad with apple, grilledContinue reading “Foodiary Whole30 day 1.”

Bottle me up, I am buzzing!

Oh man! Holiday blues times 300! Tomorrow it is back to the bingo factory crunching numbers, thinking ahead, planning activities, working with strategies and branding. I am both dreading it and looking forward to it. I have a few professional challenges ahead of me that I need to start working on and I have beenContinue reading “Bottle me up, I am buzzing!”

White nights – sugar free, again!

Have had an on and off relationship with LCHF ever since I got back from France and I haven’t been strict enough. Since Saturday I am walking the talk and today is day 6 of super strictness and my body is again feeling stronger and less bloated. Yesterday and the day before I had severeContinue reading “White nights – sugar free, again!”

Demolition butt on its’ way!

Super hot hot! Just got back from an evening swim in the lake with Ove the dog. Ok, not so much of a swim, more of a dive, a few strokes and then up and sit and dry together on the big flat stone next to the lake. Both Ove the dog and I badlyContinue reading “Demolition butt on its’ way!”