Lady Gaga + My Little Pony = Flute lady.

I am curled up in my sofa resting after having acted game lady boss at my BFF’s daughter’s birthday party this Sunday afternoon. Dance offs, smashing the balloon game, musical chairs, murder at the hotel, chocolate cake, running, jumping and giving orders by using a flute. The birthday girl herself wanted to introduce me as,Continue reading “Lady Gaga + My Little Pony = Flute lady.”

Leather, vintage silk and good money karma.

Autumn has landed in Stockholm and the rain hit down hard on my way in to the office in the morning. I spent bits of Sunday down in my storage room looking for autumn coats and boots. I am on a shopping ban so no new autumn outfits for me! I dusted off my bikerContinue reading “Leather, vintage silk and good money karma.”

Slow food and sweaty moves.

The new autumn schedule in my local gym is full on and there are some new instructors for the dance classes that are so inspiring. Body Jam and AFHO (afro house) with Vladimir Bogodist is great and I will be attending as many of his classes that I can do. He is a great dancerContinue reading “Slow food and sweaty moves.”

Big pappa bear is in the house.

You can never be too old of a daughter to enjoy when your father comes and pick you up after school…eerrhhh…work. Pappa B is here on business for few days in Stockholm and staying at mine and that often includes private driver and wine and food. This time we are skipping the wine and heContinue reading “Big pappa bear is in the house.”

Weekend detoxing – no thinking, just doing.

OK! Soon finishing this Saturday, day number 6 of my Whole30 paleo challenge. And, detoxing on weekends is so much harder than in weekdays. But I am not complaining. I have been a dedicated detoxer focusing and not walking any tightropes and falling down in any sugar swamps or dairy oceans. The rain has beenContinue reading “Weekend detoxing – no thinking, just doing.”

Piggy piggy.

Ohoy! Still shaking a bit after hard training in the gym this evening. The gym I go to close to home is having some serious problem with the ventilation. First I did Zumba and then Core and I was sweating and sliding on the mat when standing in plank. Could NOT breathe!  Day 3 ofContinue reading “Piggy piggy.”

Foodiary Whole30 day 1.

Allright here is day 1’s foodiary in my way of eating Paleo strict for 30 days. Good and no complaints. A little hungry though still and too tired to think. Tonight I want 4 hours deep sleep at least! For breakfast; boiled eggs and 1/2 grape fruit. For lunch; a crunchy salad with apple, grilledContinue reading “Foodiary Whole30 day 1.”

Bottle me up, I am buzzing!

Oh man! Holiday blues times 300! Tomorrow it is back to the bingo factory crunching numbers, thinking ahead, planning activities, working with strategies and branding. I am both dreading it and looking forward to it. I have a few professional challenges ahead of me that I need to start working on and I have beenContinue reading “Bottle me up, I am buzzing!”