I have butterflies! Nervous, terrified and excited all boiled in to a big bag of kick ass mentality. I have signed up for a 3 weeks army boot camp 1-19 December on will kick my ass and I am in need of a shift. Food wise not a disaster lately but my trainingContinue reading “Boyfriend.”

Lady Gaga + My Little Pony = Flute lady.

I am curled up in my sofa resting after having acted game lady boss at my BFF’s daughter’s birthday party this Sunday afternoon. Dance offs, smashing the balloon game, musical chairs, murder at the hotel, chocolate cake, running, jumping and giving orders by using a flute. The birthday girl herself wanted to introduce me as,Continue reading “Lady Gaga + My Little Pony = Flute lady.”

Big pappa bear is in the house.

You can never be too old of a daughter to enjoy when your father comes and pick you up after school…eerrhhh…work. Pappa B is here on business for few days in Stockholm and staying at mine and that often includes private driver and wine and food. This time we are skipping the wine and heContinue reading “Big pappa bear is in the house.”

Get out of your comfort zone! That is where the magic happens.

Day 4 completed of my whole30 challenge and today I trained and pushed myself REAL hard. I was 300 miles out of my comfort zone and I have still a taste of blood in my mouth. Clumsy, heavy and knackered! However, it will be lighter and everytime I do it will make me stronger. IContinue reading “Get out of your comfort zone! That is where the magic happens.”

Foodiary Whole30 day 1.

Allright here is day 1’s foodiary in my way of eating Paleo strict for 30 days. Good and no complaints. A little hungry though still and too tired to think. Tonight I want 4 hours deep sleep at least! For breakfast; boiled eggs and 1/2 grape fruit. For lunch; a crunchy salad with apple, grilledContinue reading “Foodiary Whole30 day 1.”

Deprestressed…but still a doer.

Oh what a rainy Sunday it has been here around my neck of the woods. And I have been feeling rainy and low myself as well. I have so much emotional stress inside of me that sometimes hits me like a wave. And it gets hard to breathe. Today is one of those days. ItContinue reading “Deprestressed…but still a doer.”

Bargain blood hound!

7 days of LCHF with a good portion of training resulted in -1,5 kilos and -1 cm smaller waist. Keep it coming! Week two is a copy of week one when it comes to the menu plan. I will do some heavier training as my head doesn’t feel as heavy anymore. I celebrated with aContinue reading “Bargain blood hound!”

Big assed butter and bird lover!

Butter, cream, cheese! My first day of proper LCHF diet was almost a bit of a shock to the system after so many low energy diets. Believe me, it was good. I am eating in moderation, according to the menu plan, but the food is really filling and rich. The dinner was in particular goodContinue reading “Big assed butter and bird lover!”