Fur legged therapy.

Today the entire office was in awe meeting the cutie Rufs. A 7 yr-old Malteser with a personality that had us all melting. I am sure Ove the dog would have been jealous had he been there. Spending time with or around animals is soothing and healing in more ways than many other things. LittleContinue reading “Fur legged therapy.”

Wednesday wasteland.

Staying in. Drinking tea. Missing my man. Giving my dog a crazy haircut. Hand cream testing. And an evening filled with Keeping up with the Kardashians. I am one happy Ulrika Collvin. Cute dog cuddles. Ove the dog is still Ove the dog trimmed or not. Got this hand cream from M for Christmas. SheaContinue reading “Wednesday wasteland.”


I had what felt like a last good bye today. My nerves were crawling on the outside of my skin as I met up with him to swap items such as keys and mail. It was calm and no drama and it only took about three minutes. Saying good bye. Taking the 50 or soContinue reading “Multimotional.”

The golden year.

Today was golden, filling up on the love vibes from my tall blondie M and her miniJ. We haven’t met for two months and miniJ is WALKING! Wobbly but for a person that just turned 10 months she is a trooper. She will grow into an athlete just like her mama. Reunited after summer holidays.Continue reading “The golden year.”

Summer summery pt 3: Fish

Ok, so my summer summaries won’t be as detailed as first hoped since the internet access keeps on failing me. Also I am now posting outside in the sun doing my job as “cleanclotheshangingouttodryneedtoberemovedforanoccasionalthunderstormthatmightbeapproaching”-guard. Fish. Skillinge. Österlen. Skåne. I spent 4 wonderful days with my parents in their friends’ cottage a skip and a hopContinue reading “Summer summery pt 3: Fish”

Best bread and new BFFs.

Spent a great Wednesday working from home today and I had two of my blonde BFFs coming over for lunch. And Ove the dog has a new BFF. I am feeling the sugar addiction/craving coming at me today. Day 3 on cutting way back on carbs. A little bit shaky but nothing that rocks theContinue reading “Best bread and new BFFs.”

Bargain bitch has struck again.

I might have mentioned that one of my qualities that I was blessed (or cursed) with is my sixth sense of sniffing up a good fashion  bargain. And I have done it again! Spending a 1,5 hours in Malmö City I got myself a new jacket, a Dagmar dress I have been longing for sinceContinue reading “Bargain bitch has struck again.”

Miss you.

My life companion, Ove the dog, is away until Friday with his lovely extra family up in the Swedish “moutains” for a lush autumn break. He is being spoiled rotten with gorgeous forest walks, kids’ cuddling and playing with him and probably feeding him lots of goodies. He is a great dog and he hasContinue reading “Miss you.”

Is that Ove the dog as a what?

I know it isn’t right putting clothes on a dog with a fully developed fur. But I would do almost anything to see Ove the dog in one of the outfits below. I would of course match him in my au naturel costume as bitch. Scary costume. Cute costume. Fun and delicious costume. Yours truly.Continue reading “Is that Ove the dog as a what?”