Cellulite, zumba and touristmania 2013.

This blog post will tell its story in pictures. Holiday is fun and Antibes will be in my heart forever. Starting off with one of the main attractions for this trip; my father’s birthday turning 60! Birthday man in new espadrillos, a freshly baked pain au chocolat and one of many dips in the Med.Continue reading “Cellulite, zumba and touristmania 2013.”

J’adore, j’adore, j’adore!

First of all a warning: this post will be super long and contain severe holiday snapshots. I haven’t been posting for so long and I need to get stuff out. How wonderful life is! The stubborn cold is almost fully vanished and I have been able to train a bit of cardio again. And lifeContinue reading “J’adore, j’adore, j’adore!”

Strike over and out.

So my holiday plans are a tiny bit on hold due to air control strikes across Europe. All flights to Nice were cancelled and a bunch of depressed travellers had to go through the welcome terminal back in Sweden again. Luckily my travel agent http://www.resfeber.se did all the job for me getting me on boardContinue reading “Strike over and out.”

Four weeks away from paradise!

Good morning Sunday! Today is a day far from resting. A zillion things to do on my todolist and the sun is out so checking off must go quicker than quick. Just in case I won’t have time to post anything later on today you will surely understand why (when writing this some of theContinue reading “Four weeks away from paradise!”