Monday I love you.

On the bus home from work with the funniest bus driver I’ve encountered. She is behind the wheel singing the score Flashdance loud as anyone could. And she does it well laughing loudly in between choruses! That and a new episode of GIRLS waiting for me at home makes this Monday brilliant. My best tv-buddiesContinue reading “Monday I love you.”

(M)FF please.

For many reasons I am looking forward to a new year. 2014 was not what I would call the time of my life. However, there have been enough magical moments to keep the optimist in me bubbling underneath layers of pain, anxiety and at times self pity. New adventures, more love and challenges and SeasonContinue reading “(M)FF please.”


Oh joy! Today I picked up my own copy of Lena Dunham’s book Not That Kind Of a Girl. I ate my dinner less mindful staring at it lying next to me on the table. Thank you Lena Dunham for making the wait for season 4 of GIRLS less dull! HAPPY! All ready tucked in.Continue reading “HAPPY KIND OF A GIRL.”

Pink outing 2.

Saturday morning started with a great breakfast with Bff A and her lovely E. Then we spent a few hours out in the sun having fun petting ponies (until I was bitten) and embracing October in all its’ glory. Best way to cure a hung over: Hope for sun and wear you shades without feelingContinue reading “Pink outing 2.”

Best bread and new BFFs.

Spent a great Wednesday working from home today and I had two of my blonde BFFs coming over for lunch. And Ove the dog has a new BFF. I am feeling the sugar addiction/craving coming at me today. Day 3 on cutting way back on carbs. A little bit shaky but nothing that rocks theContinue reading “Best bread and new BFFs.”

Penguin walk and the longing for stars.

This Monday was a fine Monday. Back in the office, still very quiet, 80% of my colleauges being of on their summer holidays. The good thing is, I get like loooooots done in a short amount of time. M was home working as se felt a bit poorly and biked to her during lunch eatingContinue reading “Penguin walk and the longing for stars.”