Bye and hello.

To new beginnings and to a prosperous New Year! After a gloomy period of my life I am out of the blue and all smiles. I am in 2015 with a glorious outlook, new love and feeling safe and warm. My parents, K, Ove the dog and myself spent the last day of 2014 inContinue reading “Bye and hello.”

In love and war.

It’s 4 am and I am wide awake. Loud seagulls keep chatting outside the window and the warm room seems to be impossible to cool down. I am alone with my thoughts thinking about all the turns life take and the choices I have made that lead me to places I never thought I’d reach.Continue reading “In love and war.”

To write or not to write.

Lovemonkeys! Longer and longer between my blog posts and that is how it will be until I am inspired again. Inspired to smile, laugh and feel something other than physical pain, exhaustion and sadness. I am ridiculously tired of my health situation and I don’t like typing out too much about it, nor do IContinue reading “To write or not to write.”

Birthday in bed.

This was the most quiet birthday I ever experienced. It was spent in pjs under the covers sweating a nasty fever out. A part from 3 small dog walks I did not move. I am feeling better this evening but will be spending my weekend in peace and quiet and planning for work on Monday.Continue reading “Birthday in bed.”