Autumn coziness.

Just got back home from a great session in the gym where I challenged myself with intervals and tabata. I even did froggers in front of the mirror and that is NOT pretty. But god it is good for the pulse and explosive legs! The rain is coming down along with the leaves here inContinue reading “Autumn coziness.”


I am proud to present to you; Ulrika Collvin -2,2 kilos in 7 days and not one millimeter of cheating. Soon only 22 days left! Whole30 experts say that week 2 is a real bitch and I have a few rough days ahead of me. But, I am up for the challenge and I willContinue reading “Paleopaleopaleopalelalala”

White nights – sugar free, again!

Have had an on and off relationship with LCHF ever since I got back from France and I haven’t been strict enough. Since Saturday I am walking the talk and today is day 6 of super strictness and my body is again feeling stronger and less bloated. Yesterday and the day before I had severeContinue reading “White nights – sugar free, again!”

Sunday please don’t end!

Oh hello! Me again. You know when you spend 1,5 hour planning the LCHF food plan of what to eat the next 14 days and create a super long shopping list and lose the list on the way to the shop. Plain stupid. I blame it on my chilled summer brain! This Sunday has beenContinue reading “Sunday please don’t end!”

Alone with my selfies

Back in business, well, not yet but soon. Super busy in the office and I had a bit of panicky negative stress day. Luckily I started it off with a very sweaty spinning class at 6.45 here in my local gym. My instructor Amanda Eade is brill. She makes me sweat like an old FrenchContinue reading “Alone with my selfies”