Monday I love you.

On the bus home from work with the funniest bus driver I’ve encountered. She is behind the wheel singing the score Flashdance loud as anyone could. And she does it well laughing loudly in between choruses! That and a new episode of GIRLS waiting for me at home makes this Monday brilliant. My best tv-buddiesContinue reading “Monday I love you.”

April, hurry up!

One of the reasons I know 2015 will be a happy year is that I will be seeing one of my favourite singers live on the 18th of April! Seinabo Sey rocks my world and I know it will be a concert to remember. Again, thank you K for the ticket! Power and passion! Ulrika/Continue reading “April, hurry up!”

Lady Gaga + My Little Pony = Flute lady.

I am curled up in my sofa resting after having acted game lady boss at my BFF’s daughter’s birthday party this Sunday afternoon. Dance offs, smashing the balloon game, musical chairs, murder at the hotel, chocolate cake, running, jumping and giving orders by using a flute. The birthday girl herself wanted to introduce me as,Continue reading “Lady Gaga + My Little Pony = Flute lady.”

My burger and my entourage.

Ok – so guess what?! I just discovered the HBO series Entourage. Like 10 years after it first aired! Never seen the show before and now I have like 8 seasons to go through. I love my HBO Nordic with all the good series and movies available. Perfect company for a quiet weekend in withContinue reading “My burger and my entourage.”

Penguin walk and the longing for stars.

This Monday was a fine Monday. Back in the office, still very quiet, 80% of my colleauges being of on their summer holidays. The good thing is, I get like loooooots done in a short amount of time. M was home working as se felt a bit poorly and biked to her during lunch eatingContinue reading “Penguin walk and the longing for stars.”