Wednesday wasteland.

Staying in. Drinking tea. Missing my man. Giving my dog a crazy haircut. Hand cream testing. And an evening filled with Keeping up with the Kardashians. I am one happy Ulrika Collvin. Cute dog cuddles. Ove the dog is still Ove the dog trimmed or not. Got this hand cream from M for Christmas. SheaContinue reading “Wednesday wasteland.”

Keeping up.

Day two of xtremefit boot camp was leg day and 30 minutes into the class and a zillion of squats later I was ready spit Romeo on is well shaved thick neck. From behind obviously…so much harder today than yesterday. 2 done, 10 to go! I am stuck in my sofa this evening. I mightContinue reading “Keeping up.”

Want it so so bad!

Tired Tuesday. Did a 5 k run for morning exercise and then today after work upper body strength, dead lifts and abs circle. I am in my sofa now doing nothing but day dreaming and longing for several different things. DESIRE AND LONGING! My family, my British visit and dinner with M on Thursday nightContinue reading “Want it so so bad!”

Penguin walk and the longing for stars.

This Monday was a fine Monday. Back in the office, still very quiet, 80% of my colleauges being of on their summer holidays. The good thing is, I get like loooooots done in a short amount of time. M was home working as se felt a bit poorly and biked to her during lunch eatingContinue reading “Penguin walk and the longing for stars.”

Kardashian wannabe and hickeys on my neck.

Our Malta adventure has now come to an end and I am back home in Stockholm after a long day of travelling. It has been too little of sleeping, too much of drinking and too little training. But – I have been sticking to the lchf food plan and I have danced, sung karaoke, entertainedContinue reading “Kardashian wannabe and hickeys on my neck.”