Want it so so bad!

Tired Tuesday. Did a 5 k run for morning exercise and then today after work upper body strength, dead lifts and abs circle. I am in my sofa now doing nothing but day dreaming and longing for several different things. DESIRE AND LONGING! My family, my British visit and dinner with M on Thursday nightContinue reading “Want it so so bad!”

300 periods later and still surprised.

I am 38 in a couple of weeks and still I am as surprised and chocked over my volcano like mood swings when getting the period. I should know by now, 25 years down the line and around about 300 periods later. There is a frustrated teenager with a dragon like temper living in meContinue reading “300 periods later and still surprised.”

Demolition butt on its’ way!

Super hot hot! Just got back from an evening swim in the lake with Ove the dog. Ok, not so much of a swim, more of a dive, a few strokes and then up and sit and dry together on the big flat stone next to the lake. Both Ove the dog and I badlyContinue reading “Demolition butt on its’ way!”

Energy boost please!

+0,4 is what me drinking too much alcohol and not training enough in Malta gave. I also got the period on Saturday so I am carrying a bit of extra fluid that certainly affects the result. I am feeling positive and for the first time in a long time when being away like that forContinue reading “Energy boost please!”

Office time with Johnny.

Having a bit of a breather and cat nap here in my hotel room. It has been a good day here in Malta with a few meetings and fixing bits and pieces before the VIP guest arrives in a few hours. She is in Berlin now and I just got a message from her sayingContinue reading “Office time with Johnny.”

Insomnia gave me the boost!

Hello, hello, hello! I woke up at 3 am this morning feeling wide awake, so now, 18 hrs later I am running on adrenaline. Feeling happier and less stressed. It is my control behaviour pushing me over the edge sometimes. I had a very productive day at work and all is set and ready toContinue reading “Insomnia gave me the boost!”


And who can blame me. Both lunch and dinner provided flavour sensations! Lush lunch at the great Tradition. Great place close to the office. Dinner chez moi. Both me and my company had orgasmic like sensations when tasting the cauliflower purée! Email me for the recipe! Now more chit chat and gossip then beauty sleep!Continue reading “Satisfied.”