Sometimes feelings are best expressed through the voices of others. “There is a light to all this darkness if only we Fight against them telling us how we should be I refuse to have you break me When you know you ain’t getting any Younger, younger, younger” Thank you, Seinabo Sey, for your voice. Ulrika/Continue reading “Voices.”


I had what felt like a last good bye today. My nerves were crawling on the outside of my skin as I met up with him to swap items such as keys and mail. It was calm and no drama and it only took about three minutes. Saying good bye. Taking the 50 or soContinue reading “Multimotional.”

The golden year.

Today was golden, filling up on the love vibes from my tall blondie M and her miniJ. We haven’t met for two months and miniJ is WALKING! Wobbly but for a person that just turned 10 months she is a trooper. She will grow into an athlete just like her mama. Reunited after summer holidays.Continue reading “The golden year.”

In love and war.

It’s 4 am and I am wide awake. Loud seagulls keep chatting outside the window and the warm room seems to be impossible to cool down. I am alone with my thoughts thinking about all the turns life take and the choices I have made that lead me to places I never thought I’d reach.Continue reading “In love and war.”

“The secret of getting ahead is…

…getting started.” Mark Twain is on it! This has been an off week and I feel guilty for feeling bad. I am grateful for the good things in my life and this dip in my life at the moment needs to shift. ACTION; off to the gym, eat better, hang with good people and travelContinue reading ““The secret of getting ahead is…”

300 periods later and still surprised.

I am 38 in a couple of weeks and still I am as surprised and chocked over my volcano like mood swings when getting the period. I should know by now, 25 years down the line and around about 300 periods later. There is a frustrated teenager with a dragon like temper living in meContinue reading “300 periods later and still surprised.”