13 photos of fun and sun in London.

Yay! I am back and noooooo, I am back! After three lovely sunny days and 4 sweet nights away in London and Sunbury I am now back home in my singlehood mansion trying to settle with good routines and work again. It was a lovely time spent with friends and the Northener and it wasContinue reading “13 photos of fun and sun in London.”

Countdown has begun and budgets are in the making

Today the artistic and creative side of me has taken a few steps aside and make room for financial pondering, estimating, counting, predicting – GUESSING, gutfeeling it. Yes, the last prognosis of the year is due in to my CMO and then the budget for 2014 is supposed to be delivered next week. Lord, IContinue reading “Countdown has begun and budgets are in the making”

This bird is bird crazy.

A warning to sensitive readers: blog post contains a picture of death. Many of you that know me also know that I am a sucker for little birds. I love them in paintings, details in interior design, textile and jewellery, and live outside my window in the big oak tree. My absolute favourite is theContinue reading “This bird is bird crazy.”

A Swedish midget called Jeff, a blonde wig and loads of moustaches! London baby!

I have then again landed in my sofa after four fabulous days in London. Well, in Chiswick, Kingston and Sunbury to be precise. I cannot believe it has been 8 years since I packed my ten moving boxes with belongings and left Chiswick to move up to Stockholm. I spent quite some catch up timeContinue reading “A Swedish midget called Jeff, a blonde wig and loads of moustaches! London baby!”