Busy bride to be.

Been busy lately! Busy with life, love, work and finding my pace. Next weekend the last part of our big move is taking place when Ks last pieces will be moved in and he is officially moved out from his other flat. Today we have celebrated Midsummer’s Eve and my parents came over and weContinue reading “Busy bride to be.”

51 hours of creating a home for two.

I am on our bed reflecting over the weekend that is coming to an end. It has been the most intensive two days I ever experienced but I feel so happy and pleased the effort we put in to make our home our place, our sanctuary. After “months” of planning and visualising what it wouldContinue reading “51 hours of creating a home for two.”

Checkin’ in.

On a busy but very quick train on my way to Gothenburg to spend a weekend with K. The agenda is filled with fun, including dinner and wine tonight in an all vegetarian restaurant that Ks friend runs. It looks like a great spot of what I’ve seen online on http://www.folkteatern.se/servering. On Saturday we haveContinue reading “Checkin’ in.”

Bye and hello.

To new beginnings and to a prosperous New Year! After a gloomy period of my life I am out of the blue and all smiles. I am in 2015 with a glorious outlook, new love and feeling safe and warm. My parents, K, Ove the dog and myself spent the last day of 2014 inContinue reading “Bye and hello.”

Retro active love bomb.

Malmö was full with autumn leaves and love bombs. The wedding anniversary and father’s day on the same day. The big bunch of us Collvin-Anderssons once again headed to Boulebar for the big French brunch and a “friendly” game of petanque. For little and big ones, young and old. Game on!    DDD. Dad, dog,Continue reading “Retro active love bomb.”

That’s the way love goes.

Last weekend was a very special weekend. On Sunday the 9th of November, 40 years ago, my parents said “JA” (I DO) to each other. They got married on a cold November day in the town hall of Kristianstad in Sweden. She was 23 and he was 21. They had met a while back, inContinue reading “That’s the way love goes.”


I had what felt like a last good bye today. My nerves were crawling on the outside of my skin as I met up with him to swap items such as keys and mail. It was calm and no drama and it only took about three minutes. Saying good bye. Taking the 50 or soContinue reading “Multimotional.”