51 hours of creating a home for two.

I am on our bed reflecting over the weekend that is coming to an end. It has been the most intensive two days I ever experienced but I feel so happy and pleased the effort we put in to make our home our place, our sanctuary. After “months” of planning and visualising what it wouldContinue reading “51 hours of creating a home for two.”

Stockholm, you’ve been good to me.

In short. I am so ready for the move. Things are packed and ready to go to the south on Saturday. I have done some of the big cleaning bits and I really cannot wait until I am on the 5 o’clock train on Sunday. Exciting times ahead and when things have settled and weContinue reading “Stockholm, you’ve been good to me.”

Red house by the sea.

In 1,5 month I will be spending my first night in our new home. In a one bedroom flat, in a bright red house with the sea as a neighbour is where I will settle down with my K. We are two restless souls that crashed into each other and found peace and calm inContinue reading “Red house by the sea.”

10 years of rubbish.

Things are speeding up since last! I am moving to Malmö two months earlier than planned. And work is super busy and I was knocked out by flue from hell for a fortnight. K and myself signed a contract for a one bedroom flat in the perfect location 100 metres from the sea last week.Continue reading “10 years of rubbish.”


Marinating a week of fun hanging with my favourite during the weekend. Mega excited as my boss wants me to keep working doing what I do now but from Malmö. We discussed the option of a distance job on Monday. He got it all cleared from the CEO and other involved and yesterday just beforeContinue reading “Celebrate.”

Retro active love bomb.

Malmö was full with autumn leaves and love bombs. The wedding anniversary and father’s day on the same day. The big bunch of us Collvin-Anderssons once again headed to Boulebar for the big French brunch and a “friendly” game of petanque. For little and big ones, young and old. Game on!    DDD. Dad, dog,Continue reading “Retro active love bomb.”

In love and war.

It’s 4 am and I am wide awake. Loud seagulls keep chatting outside the window and the warm room seems to be impossible to cool down. I am alone with my thoughts thinking about all the turns life take and the choices I have made that lead me to places I never thought I’d reach.Continue reading “In love and war.”

Things that make me go…

Well hello! Radio silence lately is the result of hormones being all over the place, combined with shit loads to do at work and a bit of travelling. Summing things up for you – I FEEL GOLDEN! If you were ever worried. Me and Jill Scott are having that same old feeling. I know IContinue reading “Things that make me go…”

Bargain bitch has struck again.

I might have mentioned that one of my qualities that I was blessed (or cursed) with is my sixth sense of sniffing up a good fashion  bargain. And I have done it again! Spending a 1,5 hours in Malmö City I got myself a new jacket, a Dagmar dress I have been longing for sinceContinue reading “Bargain bitch has struck again.”

Second chances.

An eternity has come and passed since last. Our family was struck by ligthning Sunday on the 5th of Jan when my mother suffered several minor strokes in her right side of the brain. She is now on the mend, stubborn, fighting and in all the angst and fear of being close to death weContinue reading “Second chances.”