Emergency dresses and a server crash.

I am back in my home away from home, sitting here, typing away in The Palace Hotel in Sliema on the sunny island of Malta. Summer warm winds lifted my spirits and the rays of sun made me squint all the way until I was in the airport pick up and found my shades hiddenContinue reading “Emergency dresses and a server crash.”

Lounge life.

I did it again. Unintentionally, swear to God. I’ve again managed to book my flight to Malta in business class which is NOT company policy. I just went for the quickest way to travel and chose the cheapest alternative that was offered. And now, again, after going through fast track security I am sitting inContinue reading “Lounge life.”

Bra breaking dancing, a new parka and smurf posing.

I am back after a bit of work in Malta and just getting ready before my London adventure that starts Thursday night. Three nights before i meet the fine Northener again and will chill with the best Bizills in the world. My fabulous father is in Stockholm staying at mine so I am crashing inContinue reading “Bra breaking dancing, a new parka and smurf posing.”

Yoga collapse and preparing for summer – again.

Hey! Ok, so the Friday was one manic Friday workwiseI Campaign planning in the last minute and delivering prognosis (on time) and then confirming mine and my colleagues hotel in Malta for the upcoming week. The lady at the Palace did NOT find my booking and I started to sweat as I know that mostContinue reading “Yoga collapse and preparing for summer – again.”

Countdown has begun and budgets are in the making

Today the artistic and creative side of me has taken a few steps aside and make room for financial pondering, estimating, counting, predicting – GUESSING, gutfeeling it. Yes, the last prognosis of the year is due in to my CMO and then the budget for 2014 is supposed to be delivered next week. Lord, IContinue reading “Countdown has begun and budgets are in the making”

Kardashian wannabe and hickeys on my neck.

Our Malta adventure has now come to an end and I am back home in Stockholm after a long day of travelling. It has been too little of sleeping, too much of drinking and too little training. But – I have been sticking to the lchf food plan and I have danced, sung karaoke, entertainedContinue reading “Kardashian wannabe and hickeys on my neck.”

Office time with Johnny.

Having a bit of a breather and cat nap here in my hotel room. It has been a good day here in Malta with a few meetings and fixing bits and pieces before the VIP guest arrives in a few hours. She is in Berlin now and I just got a message from her sayingContinue reading “Office time with Johnny.”

Little mr disaster

Here I am cuddled up in the big bath robe in my big hotel bed. We recieved a princess like welcome here at the Palace and it has so far been a pleasure. Somehow we got upgraded and for the same quote my colleague ended up in a super suite with a huge terrace facingContinue reading “Little mr disaster”