Such a Saturday.

Started out a wee bit early. Mamma is in the house and gave me a cheerful “good morning” at 6.12 am. I was not as cheerful so I did my best pretending to keep on sleeping out on the sofa until 7. I was lacking that same energy as of my mamma’s after our seafoodContinue reading “Such a Saturday.”

Second chances.

An eternity has come and passed since last. Our family was struck by ligthning Sunday on the 5th of Jan when my mother suffered several minor strokes in her right side of the brain. She is now on the mend, stubborn, fighting and in all the angst and fear of being close to death weContinue reading “Second chances.”

Long lost family

Sunday evening and my Skåne visit at my parents is coming to an end. I took some time out – leaving Stockholm behind – breathing and relaxing with my loving family. Being spoiled rotten by my parents and love bombed by nieces and nephew was the perfect medicine for my lost soul right now. SaturdayContinue reading “Long lost family”

Bra breaking dancing, a new parka and smurf posing.

I am back after a bit of work in Malta and just getting ready before my London adventure that starts Thursday night. Three nights before i meet the fine Northener again and will chill with the best Bizills in the world. My fabulous father is in Stockholm staying at mine so I am crashing inContinue reading “Bra breaking dancing, a new parka and smurf posing.”

Cellulite, zumba and touristmania 2013.

This blog post will tell its story in pictures. Holiday is fun and Antibes will be in my heart forever. Starting off with one of the main attractions for this trip; my father’s birthday turning 60! Birthday man in new espadrillos, a freshly baked pain au chocolat and one of many dips in the Med.Continue reading “Cellulite, zumba and touristmania 2013.”

Mamma Collvin is gorge!

Bits of my day in photos. Summing this, the 21st of May, up as MIGHTY FINE. Mamma goes back to Malmö tomorrow and I will feel a little bit lonely. It has been so nice having her around. The little things like making coffee for two and having someone to tell g’nite before lights areContinue reading “Mamma Collvin is gorge!”

Malmö I love you!

Don’t have time for a whole lot of blog posting as I am enjoying and savouring time spent my with mamma. So here’s one on the go. Right now we are love hating the live broadcast of Eurovision Song Contest and cheering for Robin. Feeling very proud of the perfect production SVT is entertaining usContinue reading “Malmö I love you!”

Brain out of order – but I did clean.

Ok, day 3 of LCHF or almost NCHF and now I can feel it. I can honestly say that I am absolutely knackered and my brain and spirits were far from top notch this Wednesday. Two weeks is what it normally takes for the body to get used to this type of diet. Having hadContinue reading “Brain out of order – but I did clean.”