April, hurry up!

One of the reasons I know 2015 will be a happy year is that I will be seeing one of my favourite singers live on the 18th of April! Seinabo Sey rocks my world and I know it will be a concert to remember. Again, thank you K for the ticket! Power and passion! Ulrika/Continue reading “April, hurry up!”


Sometimes feelings are best expressed through the voices of others. “There is a light to all this darkness if only we Fight against them telling us how we should be I refuse to have you break me When you know you ain’t getting any Younger, younger, younger” Thank you, Seinabo Sey, for your voice. Ulrika/Continue reading “Voices.”

Scissor legs.

You know you have done a good workout when you’ve got blisters on the sole of your feet because of the crazy amount of jumping jacks and scissor legs. My legs are numb, my back is aching from the crunching twists and all the jabs. Body combat is sure taking its’ toll but so worthContinue reading “Scissor legs.”

7 (+2) ways to beat sudden sadness

1. Meet new people, make new friends and hold hands. 2. Look at cute pets. If you don’t have your own, google it. 3. Wear clothes that make you feel gorgeous. Preferably with some colour. 4. Cook and eat well. 5. Dance and smile while doing it. 6. You know the pets I mentioned. CuddleContinue reading “7 (+2) ways to beat sudden sadness”


I am proud to present to you; Ulrika Collvin -2,2 kilos in 7 days and not one millimeter of cheating. Soon only 22 days left! Whole30 experts say that week 2 is a real bitch and I have a few rough days ahead of me. But, I am up for the challenge and I willContinue reading “Paleopaleopaleopalelalala”