Pink outing 2.

Saturday morning started with a great breakfast with Bff A and her lovely E. Then we spent a few hours out in the sun having fun petting ponies (until I was bitten) and embracing October in all its’ glory. Best way to cure a hung over: Hope for sun and wear you shades without feelingContinue reading “Pink outing 2.”

Off we go.

Excited like there is no tomorrow! (Thank god there is a tomorrow as that is our day for departure.) Packing is prepared, taxi arrives at 10.30 am to take us to the train station. Two adults, one little dog, luggage for three weeks all travelling in coach six on X2000. Off to spend quality timeContinue reading “Off we go.”

OMG became WTF

Ok, please no “I told you sos”. It was too soon, it went too fast, it was too good to be true. The feel good moments I had the other weekend turned into a relief that they will not happen again with that person. The flowers I got still stand beatitful and strong on myContinue reading “OMG became WTF”

The dancing Ninja killed the monkey brain.

Ok, so day 4 of very low carb diet (paleo/lchf) and my sugar monkey brain is going bananas right now. I would kill for an orange, some chocolate not to mention sweets or ice cream. I have had some strawberries and that was divine. Feeling furious, angry, headachy and tired but setting tough against tough.Continue reading “The dancing Ninja killed the monkey brain.”

Painfully beautiful.

Still in pain from my myoma infection but things are better and doctor tells me not to worry. So I won’t! Mentally I am feeling much stronger again. I have been filling my days with positive, strengthening vibes. Meeting friends and enjoying nature and a little bit of training (can’t do it too hard dueContinue reading “Painfully beautiful.”

Stuff that mean things. My home is now your home – welcome!

Since I was about 3 years old I have been a sucker for colour, beautiful things and creativity. I have had colour phases of pink, red, green and yellow and blue. I loved fixing my own clothing arrangements, to my parents’ dismay, arrangeing my room and fixing and fiddleing by my desk. I stlll rememberContinue reading “Stuff that mean things. My home is now your home – welcome!”

Sunday please don’t end!

Oh hello! Me again. You know when you spend 1,5 hour planning the LCHF food plan of what to eat the next 14 days and create a super long shopping list and lose the list on the way to the shop. Plain stupid. I blame it on my chilled summer brain! This Sunday has beenContinue reading “Sunday please don’t end!”