Let’s do it outside.

Breakfast, lunch, power naps. We are doing it all on our balcony. I know I am going on about it but after living in a flat without it for several years the outdoor space is a lift. The feeling of being in the air, floating, sneaking on people walking by down in the alley. IContinue reading “Let’s do it outside.”

Magical orchids.

I am 100% back. Ish. Worked out yesterday and was wined and dined by A and E. Starting to feel like a human again! But it was a weird ride health wise. November is dull here in Stockholm! Grey and dark, brown and naked it is difficult to see what is up or down. WhatContinue reading “Magical orchids.”

Bra breaking dancing, a new parka and smurf posing.

I am back after a bit of work in Malta and just getting ready before my London adventure that starts Thursday night. Three nights before i meet the fine Northener again and will chill with the best Bizills in the world. My fabulous father is in Stockholm staying at mine so I am crashing inContinue reading “Bra breaking dancing, a new parka and smurf posing.”

Autumn coziness.

Just got back home from a great session in the gym where I challenged myself with intervals and tabata. I even did froggers in front of the mirror and that is NOT pretty. But god it is good for the pulse and explosive legs! The rain is coming down along with the leaves here inContinue reading “Autumn coziness.”

My burger and my entourage.

Ok – so guess what?! I just discovered the HBO series Entourage. Like 10 years after it first aired! Never seen the show before and now I have like 8 seasons to go through. I love my HBO Nordic with all the good series and movies available. Perfect company for a quiet weekend in withContinue reading “My burger and my entourage.”

Weekend detoxing – no thinking, just doing.

OK! Soon finishing this Saturday, day number 6 of my Whole30 paleo challenge. And, detoxing on weekends is so much harder than in weekdays. But I am not complaining. I have been a dedicated detoxer focusing and not walking any tightropes and falling down in any sugar swamps or dairy oceans. The rain has beenContinue reading “Weekend detoxing – no thinking, just doing.”

Insomnia gave me the boost!

Hello, hello, hello! I woke up at 3 am this morning feeling wide awake, so now, 18 hrs later I am running on adrenaline. Feeling happier and less stressed. It is my control behaviour pushing me over the edge sometimes. I had a very productive day at work and all is set and ready toContinue reading “Insomnia gave me the boost!”

Deprestressed…but still a doer.

Oh what a rainy Sunday it has been here around my neck of the woods. And I have been feeling rainy and low myself as well. I have so much emotional stress inside of me that sometimes hits me like a wave. And it gets hard to breathe. Today is one of those days. ItContinue reading “Deprestressed…but still a doer.”