Food porn.

I am in a real good and inspiring place right now cooking “clean” food and using all my senses in the kitchen. Not allowed: playing with phone, ipad, reading or watching tv while eating. Need to be mindful and I am getting used to sitting alone in my kitchen feeling each bite. A couple ofContinue reading “Food porn.”

The dancing Ninja killed the monkey brain.

Ok, so day 4 of very low carb diet (paleo/lchf) and my sugar monkey brain is going bananas right now. I would kill for an orange, some chocolate not to mention sweets or ice cream. I have had some strawberries and that was divine. Feeling furious, angry, headachy and tired but setting tough against tough.Continue reading “The dancing Ninja killed the monkey brain.”

Best bread and new BFFs.

Spent a great Wednesday working from home today and I had two of my blonde BFFs coming over for lunch. And Ove the dog has a new BFF. I am feeling the sugar addiction/craving coming at me today. Day 3 on cutting way back on carbs. A little bit shaky but nothing that rocks theContinue reading “Best bread and new BFFs.”

Buttered and battered.

Oh, lovely Monday! Well, after a horrifying moment on the scales everything just felt better and better. Have not weighed myself since October and the number had increased more than I had expected. Anyway, in order to get back on track I need the numbers and the facts. I need the food plans and lotsContinue reading “Buttered and battered.”

White nights – sugar free, again!

Have had an on and off relationship with LCHF ever since I got back from France and I haven’t been strict enough. Since Saturday I am walking the talk and today is day 6 of super strictness and my body is again feeling stronger and less bloated. Yesterday and the day before I had severeContinue reading “White nights – sugar free, again!”

Seven days and I am having a meatbaby!

I have had a real nice long weekend off with my mamma. And the really good thing is that for me the weekend isn’t finished just yet. I am off another day tomorrow. We have done a lot of shopping (we; means my mamma, since my London trip a few weeks ago killed my economyContinue reading “Seven days and I am having a meatbaby!”