As long as there is cream, there is hope.

So the day is here. Leaving my 30’s behind entering the big four ooooo. And I am a lucky 40 year old individual being celebrated by my dear and near ones. We started all ready on Friday hanging out with nephew and nieces doing fun stuff in the sun! Beautiful day in the sun withContinue reading “As long as there is cream, there is hope.”

Retro active love bomb.

Malmö was full with autumn leaves and love bombs. The wedding anniversary and father’s day on the same day. The big bunch of us Collvin-Anderssons once again headed to Boulebar for the big French brunch and a “friendly” game of petanque. For little and big ones, young and old. Game on!    DDD. Dad, dog,Continue reading “Retro active love bomb.”

Movie date with that special someone.

Today was spent in the company of stars. First taking my soon to be 3 year old nephew to his first cinema experience. The movie itself was an animated version of Astrid Lindgren’s  That boy Emil and nostalgia made me fond of it. But the best part was watching Gabriel staring at the screen inContinue reading “Movie date with that special someone.”