Such a Saturday.

Started out a wee bit early. Mamma is in the house and gave me a cheerful “good morning” at 6.12 am. I was not as cheerful so I did my best pretending to keep on sleeping out on the sofa until 7. I was lacking that same energy as of my mamma’s after our seafoodContinue reading “Such a Saturday.”

TDT – Tits Down Tuesday.

Some days stick. A few things happened to me today that I would like to share with you. It all started with another early start, woke up at 4.15 am. My body is a slow adjuster to winter time this year. I was wide awake and instead of fighthing to snooze a couple of hoursContinue reading “TDT – Tits Down Tuesday.”

13 photos of fun and sun in London.

Yay! I am back and noooooo, I am back! After three lovely sunny days and 4 sweet nights away in London and Sunbury I am now back home in my singlehood mansion trying to settle with good routines and work again. It was a lovely time spent with friends and the Northener and it wasContinue reading “13 photos of fun and sun in London.”

Alone with my selfies

Back in business, well, not yet but soon. Super busy in the office and I had a bit of panicky negative stress day. Luckily I started it off with a very sweaty spinning class at 6.45 here in my local gym. My instructor Amanda Eade is brill. She makes me sweat like an old FrenchContinue reading “Alone with my selfies”

Four weeks away from paradise!

Good morning Sunday! Today is a day far from resting. A zillion things to do on my todolist and the sun is out so checking off must go quicker than quick. Just in case I won’t have time to post anything later on today you will surely understand why (when writing this some of theContinue reading “Four weeks away from paradise!”