September summer.

There is a beach in the centre of Stockholm now where the water is clean and where they have built piers and jumping towers for everyone to enjoy. Since the first week of September gave us summer back I spent pieces of my Sunday there. It was a lovely experience. A few steps away aContinue reading “September summer.”

Yoga collapse and preparing for summer – again.

Hey! Ok, so the Friday was one manic Friday workwiseI Campaign planning in the last minute and delivering prognosis (on time) and then confirming mine and my colleagues hotel in Malta for the upcoming week. The lady at the Palace did NOT find my booking and I started to sweat as I know that mostContinue reading “Yoga collapse and preparing for summer – again.”

Sunday please don’t end!

Oh hello! Me again. You know when you spend 1,5 hour planning the LCHF food plan of what to eat the next 14 days and create a super long shopping list and lose the list on the way to the shop. Plain stupid. I blame it on my chilled summer brain! This Sunday has beenContinue reading “Sunday please don’t end!”

J’adore, j’adore, j’adore!

First of all a warning: this post will be super long and contain severe holiday snapshots. I haven’t been posting for so long and I need to get stuff out. How wonderful life is! The stubborn cold is almost fully vanished and I have been able to train a bit of cardio again. And lifeContinue reading “J’adore, j’adore, j’adore!”

Insomnia gave me the boost!

Hello, hello, hello! I woke up at 3 am this morning feeling wide awake, so now, 18 hrs later I am running on adrenaline. Feeling happier and less stressed. It is my control behaviour pushing me over the edge sometimes. I had a very productive day at work and all is set and ready toContinue reading “Insomnia gave me the boost!”