Magical orchids.

I am 100% back. Ish. Worked out yesterday and was wined and dined by A and E. Starting to feel like a human again! But it was a weird ride health wise. November is dull here in Stockholm! Grey and dark, brown and naked it is difficult to see what is up or down. WhatContinue reading “Magical orchids.”

Sunday socks on.

Most relaxed Sunday for some time. Long forest walk, reading, planning, manicuring, cooking, chatting, snoozing, dog cuddling and all of the above in my pug socks. Charged up and ready to go. A busy time ahead and I am feeling decently prepared. I am whispering it… “Bring it on.” and feeling the strength from theContinue reading “Sunday socks on.”

September summer.

There is a beach in the centre of Stockholm now where the water is clean and where they have built piers and jumping towers for everyone to enjoy. Since the first week of September gave us summer back I spent pieces of my Sunday there. It was a lovely experience. A few steps away aContinue reading “September summer.”

Lake b****es.

Sunday, summer and sun. We spent a couple of hours by the lake here where I live. They have a section for dogs where Ove the dog, mamma and I enjoyed a few dips along with other dogs and humans. There was Jasper, the German Shepard with arthritis. There was Irma the charming little StaffordshireContinue reading “Lake b****es.”

White Sunday.

I nailed it. The manicure, the to do list. Now, I am  waiting for the new GIRLS episode to come on and for the laundry to get ready. But other than that, pretty much done for today and that is a great feeling. Can always squeeze in 45 minutes more preparing for work but rightContinue reading “White Sunday.”

OMG became WTF

Ok, please no “I told you sos”. It was too soon, it went too fast, it was too good to be true. The feel good moments I had the other weekend turned into a relief that they will not happen again with that person. The flowers I got still stand beatitful and strong on myContinue reading “OMG became WTF”

Lady Gaga + My Little Pony = Flute lady.

I am curled up in my sofa resting after having acted game lady boss at my BFF’s daughter’s birthday party this Sunday afternoon. Dance offs, smashing the balloon game, musical chairs, murder at the hotel, chocolate cake, running, jumping and giving orders by using a flute. The birthday girl herself wanted to introduce me as,Continue reading “Lady Gaga + My Little Pony = Flute lady.”

Sunday please don’t end!

Oh hello! Me again. You know when you spend 1,5 hour planning the LCHF food plan of what to eat the next 14 days and create a super long shopping list and lose the list on the way to the shop. Plain stupid. I blame it on my chilled summer brain! This Sunday has beenContinue reading “Sunday please don’t end!”

CSI-coloured toe nails.

I made it! A few hours left of this Sunday and I am reflecting over the week that passed. I am more at ease this Sunday evening than last week’s. Tomorrow is the first day of my LCHF-strict period and I am looking forward to it. I am prepared and ready and very positive. IContinue reading “CSI-coloured toe nails.”